2017. Hideki Togi – Hichiriki Café [24-96]

2017. Hideki Togi – Hichiriki Café [24-96]

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  • 艺术家:
  • Hideki Togi
  • 发行年份:
  • 2017
  • 音乐类型:
  • Classical,MainstreamJazz
  • 音质:
  • flac lossless / flac 24bits - 96.0kHz
  • 歌曲时长:
  • 01:08:45
  • 文件大小:
  • 392mb/1.4gb

01. As Time Goes By
02. She
03. Little Bicycle
04. Go! Go! Go!
05. Fly Me To The Moon
06. Kimino Yumeo Mamoritai Amabile
07. Nandemonaiya
08. Flying High
09. My Funny Valentine
10. Yesterday Once More
11. Alfie
12. Autumn Leaves
13. Superstar
14. What A Wonderful World

Hideki Togi is part of a family with a tradition of gagaku (ancient Japanese court music) that can be traced back 1300 years to the Nara Period (710-794). Due to his father’s job, Togi spent his childhood abroad and grew up surrounded by various kinds of music including rock, classical and jazz. After graduating from high school, he joined the music department of the Imperial Household Agency. There he gained experience with instruments such as the hichiriki, biwa, tsutsumi and cello, in addition to singing and dancing. Currently Togi passionately creates his own music by combining the natural flavor of gagaku with piano and synthesizers. He plays an important role in promoting international friendship by introducing traditional Japanese culture at home and abroad.