Marina Baranova – Unfolding Debussy (2018) [Hi-Res].rar

Marina Baranova – Unfolding Debussy (2018) [Hi-Res].rar

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  • 艺术家
  • Marina Baranova
  • 发行年份
  • 2018
  • 音乐类型
  • Classical,Piano
  • 音质
  • flac lossless / flac 24bits - 88.2kHz +booklet
  • 歌曲时长
  • 00:46:46
  • 文件大小
  • 233/784mb

01. Prologue Moonlight
02. Suite Bergamasque, L. 75 3. Clair de lune (Arr. By Marina Baranova)
03. Préludes, Premier Livre, L. 117 2. Voiles (Arr. By Marina Baranova)
04. Préludes, Premier Livre, L. 117 8. The Girl With the Flaxen Hair (Arr. By Marina Baranova)
05. Préludes, Premier Livre, L. 117 6. Footsteps in the Snow (Arr. By Marina Baranova)
06. Children’s Corner, L. 113 4. The Snow Is Dancing (Arr. By Marina Baranova)
07. Children’s Corner, L. 113 1. Gradus Ad Parnassum (Arr. By Marina Baranova)
08. Suite Bergamasque, L. 75 4. Passepied (Arr. By Marina Baranova)
09. Préludes, Premier Livre, L. 117 4. Beauty (Arr. By Marina Baranova)
10. Préludes, Deuxième Livre, L. 123 11. Alternating Thirds (Arr. By Marina Baranova)
11. Clair de Solenne (Bonus Track)

Since Marina Baranova first played Clair de Lune as an eager nine-year-old a question had stayed with her Was there another side to Debussy’s music, one influenced by his turbulent private life and tempestuous relationships? “When you think of the great impressionist painters, you think of light, and hope, and love,” she says. “But Debussy adored the darkness of Baudelaire, and was heavily influenced by Wagner. The titles he gave his pieces also hint at hidden meanings, so I thought it would be interesting to explore this ‘shadow’ side and my feelings towards it.” Now Marina Baranova’s album Unfolding Debussy will be released on the Neue Meister label to mark the occasion of the centenary of Claude Debussy’s death.

Moonlight opens the record on ‘Intro’, Baranova’s breathy spoken word conveying just the right amount of drama and intrigue, but it’s ‘The Snow is Dancing’ that sees her take the biggest risk. Working with singer songwriter Shane August, she retells the story taken from Children’s Corner from the point of view of two adults in the process of splitting up, their love as cold as the snow delicately falling past the window.

With Unfolding Debussy, Baranova has created so much more than a simple homage to one of the greatest composers of the 19th and 20th centuries. She’s given his work new meaning, uncovering hidden aspects and deeper connections, revealing the very human fragility behind the legend. “It’s for people who are open minded and already in love with classical music, but also for people who don’t know anything about it,” she says. “I would appreciate it if they listened and asked themselves ‘What do the originals sound like?’” Nearly a hundred years after his death, Unfolding Debussy hopes to inspire a new generation of music lovers and ensure that his sensory majesty is not lost to the drifting sands of time. Even after all this time, the cultural titan can still conjure a million colours in the mind.