Vojtěch Dyk Wiener Singakademie ORF Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra – Bernstein MASS 2020 Hi-Res 24bits – 48.0kHz

Vojtěch Dyk Wiener Singakademie ORF Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra – Bernstein MASS 2020 Hi-Res 24bits – 48.0kHz

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  • 艺术家
  • Vojtěch Dyk
  • 发行年份
  • 2020
  • 音乐类型
  • 古典
  • 音质
  • flac lossless / flac 24bits - 48.0kHz
  • 歌曲时长
  • 01:51:53
  • 文件大小
  • 544/1.11gb

01. MASS No 1, Antiphon. Kyrie eleison
02. MASS No. 2, Hymn & Psalm “A Simple Song”
03. MASS No. 3, Rensory. Alleluia
04. MASS No. 4, Prefatory Prayers
05. MASS No. 5, Thrice-Triple Canon. Domionus vobiscum
06. MASS No. 6, In nomine Patris
07. MASS No. 7, Prayer for the Congregation “Almighty Father”
08. MASS No. 8, Epiphany
09. MASS No. 9, Confiteor
10. MASS No. 10, Trope “I Don’t Know”
11. MASS No. 11, Trope “Easy”
12. MASS No. 12, Meditation I
13. MASS No. 13, Gloria tibi
14. MASS No. 14, Gloria in excelsis Deo
15. MASS No. 15, Trope “Half of the People”
16. MASS No. 16, Trope “Thank You”
17. MASS No. 17, Meditation II
18. MASS No. 18, Epistle “The Word of the Lord”
19. MASS No. 19, Gospel-Sermon “God Said”
20. MASS No. 20, Credo
21. MASS No. 21, Trope “Non Credo”
22. MASS No. 22, Trope “Hurry”
23. MASS No. 23, Trope “World”
24. MASS No. 24, Trope “I Believe in God”

01. MASS No. 25, De profundis, Pt. 1 (Meditation III)
02. MASS No. 26, De profundis, Pt. 2 (Offertory)
03. MASS No. 27, The Lord’s Prayer “Our Father”
04. MASS No. 28, Trope “I Go On”
05. MASS No. 29, Sanctus
06. MASS No. 30, Agnus Dei
07. MASS No. 31, Fraction “Things Get Broken”
08. MASS No. 32, Pax Communion “Secret Songs”

Few people had comparable charisma to him, few like him could blur the borders between serious classical music and entertaining popular music and few apart from him could find access to people of all generations like Bernstein. Living together and love instead of antagonism and hatred permeate his entire lifes work in words and notes. Many of the attributes mentioned apply to MASS, premiered in 1971. For the understanding of this unusual work, it is crucial to note that it is not really seen as a mass composition, but in keeping with Bernsteins intentions as a theatrical piece with the title MASS. So, it is perhaps the most audacious interpretation of the liturgical contents up to then and since then. The responses to the premiere were thoroughly ambivalent, as, apart from enthusiasm, there was also rejection on the part of conservative minded circles. And the clearly conveyed message of peace was partly rejected since it could be understood not least as an unmistakable indictment of the Vietnam War still in progress.