José Luis Morillas – Mourat Guitar Works 2020 Hi-Res 24bits – 96.0kHz

José Luis Morillas – Mourat Guitar Works 2020 Hi-Res 24bits – 96.0kHz

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  • 艺术家
  • José Luis Morillas
  • 发行年份
  • 2020
  • 音乐类型
  • 古典
  • 音质
  • flac lossless / flac 24bits - 96.0kHz +Booklet
  • 歌曲时长
  • 01:09:37
  • 文件大小
  • 315mb/1.05gb

01. Iberiade
02. 7 Aventures (Excerpts) No. 3, De Ida y Vuelta
03. 7 Aventures (Excerpts) No. 4, Souvenir de Malaga
04. 7 Aventures (Excerpts) No. 7, Aires de Malaga
05. Al-Andalus I. Leyenda
06. Al-Andalus II. Medina
07. Al-Andalus III. Guadalquivir
08. Recuerdos de Cadiz
09. Trio Albolote I. Vegas Altas
10. Trio Albolote II. Cubillas
11. Trio Albolote III. Campo de los Arenales
12. Soir d’ete a Grenade
13. 3 Nocturnos de Granada No. 1, Moderato
14. 3 Nocturnos de Granada No. 2, Romance
15. 3 Nocturnos de Granada No. 3, Moderato
16. Anda-Lucia
17. Paseo por Sevilla

Among the Spanish sources from the first third of the seventeenth century, the Cancionero de la Sablonara holds a very special place. It was prepared between 1625 and 1626 for a German noble, Wolfang Wilhelm, who held, among other titles of nobility, those of count palatine and duke of Neoburg and who had visited the court in Madrid between October 1624 and May 1625. This aristocratic music lover showed enthusiasm for the secular vocal music he heard at the court and, at the end of his trip, requested an anthology for his personal pleasure; it was compiled and copied with great care and beautiful calligraphy by Claudio de la Sablonara, main scriptor—copyist—of the Royal Chapel. The collection contains seventy-five pieces, including “the best songs that are sung in this court,” according to the compiler. This important source, preserved at Munich’s Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, features poems in Spanish and Italian metric forms. There are fewer examples of the latter merely eight compositions written in liras