Hans Olav Gorset nodebog friends – NODEBOG 2013 Hi-Res 24bits – 192.0kHz

Hans Olav Gorset nodebog friends – NODEBOG 2013 Hi-Res 24bits – 192.0kHz

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  • 艺术家
  • Hans Olav Gorset
  • 发行年份
  • 2013
  • 音乐类型
  • 古典
  • 音质
  • flac lossless / flac 24bits - 192.0kHz +Booklet
  • 歌曲时长
  • 00:53:01
  • 文件大小
  • 264mb/1.83gb

01. Preludium
02. Air La Lovis
03. Engelsk Dants
04. En sortebrun Tr?je
05. Chavailer Dantz
06. Prelude
07. Cupido faar w?hl (Aimable Vainqueur, from Hesione)
08. Paspie d’Amour et Paspie Royal
09. Engelsk Contra Dantz
10. Garsenhauer
11. Engelsk Dantz 1 (Vaudeville)
12. Engelsk Dantz 2 (Jeanne qui saute)
13. Bragn?s March
14. March (Christian Marchs, Dragoner Marchs)
15. Sarrabande (Minuet)
16. Sarres 1 (Sarras Vessele Genta)
17. Sarres 2 (Halvor, telespringar)
18. Hallingen
19. La Fabrit (La Furstemberg)
20. Viole de Span (La Folia, Les Folies d’Espagne)
21. Paspie (Die alte Passe-pied, Le vieux Passpied)
22. Arie Om Verdens Ustadighed
23. Dans nos bois (from Pour Le Coucher Du Roy)
24. Rigadon (Rigaudon, from Acis et Galatée)
25. Arie Er end Himlen fuld af Skyer (from Roland)
26. Amable veincoeur (Aimable Vainqueur, from Hesione)
27. Menuet No 7
28. Menuet
29. 2 Hallinger (Ah, vous dirai-je maman, Twinkle twinkle little star)
30. Engelsk Dantz

Nodebog presents musical pleasures and “divertissements” from 18th century Norway. The melodies are found in hand-written music books containing both international “hits” well known throughout Europe and local favorites – Halling dances and Pols dances are featured alongside minuets, marches and English country dances. These rediscovered treasures from the past can only be recreated through living performance today, here by flautist Hans Olav Gorset and his fellow musicians. These melodies may not seem important to the music historian, but to the listener they certainly are – being international “hits” of yesterday – and, who knows, perhaps becoming the hits of today!

‘At the moment I see it like this history can both inspire and constrain our perfor- mance. The debate is not just about historical sources – it is also about our relationship with the past. What do we want from our past? How much consideration should we give to historical facts? These are important questions, and our answers to them are partly influenced by ideological factors, but at the end of the day it is important that our ideological convictions do not stand in the way of a gratifying musical experience. We must not hide behind historical facts, but rather dare to build on them. A proverb from the Far East is apposite here “Don’t walk in the footsteps of your masters, but seek what they were seeking.“ (Hans Olav Gorset, 2013)

Hans Olav Gorset, recorders and baroque flutes
Cathrine Bothner-By, soprano
Elizabeth Gaver, baroque violin
Vegard Lund, baroque guitar and theorbo
Lars Henrik Johansen, harpsichord
André Lislevand, viola da gamba
Kjell Tore Innervik, Norwegian folk drum
H?kon M?rch Stene, percussion