Fonema Consort – Vistas Furtivas The Music of Juan Campoverde 2020 Hi-Res

Fonema Consort – Vistas Furtivas The Music of Juan Campoverde 2020 Hi-Res

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01. Umbrales I
02. Topografías
03. Basalto (Version for Voice, Alto Flute & Electronics)
04. Muna II
05. Umbrales II
06. Los Lugares del Deseo I. Vestibulum
07. Los Lugares del Deseo II. Corpus Delicti
08. Los Lugares del Deseo III. De La Cartografía
09. Los Lugares del Deseo IV. La Miel de La Higuera

Chicago based ensemble Fonema Consort releases this beguiling collection of music by the Ecuadorian composer Juan Campoverde. This collection of works highlights his innovative compositional approaches to music for voice and guitar in both solo and ensemble settings, featuring soprano Nina Dante and guitarist Samuel Rowe alongside their fellow Fonema members. Consort a group of instrumentalists and singers performing together. Fonema the smallest unit of speech, which distinguishes words according to their sonic quality. These concepts define the essence of Fonema Consort as they commission, perform, and record new music that explores the possibilities of the human voice in an avantgarde chamber setting. Known for their enthusiastic embrace of daring new music (Chicago Reader) Fonema is driven by a fascination with pieces that foster rich interplay of voices and instruments and that are characterized by deep expressivity. The ensemble is highly committed to presenting works by Latin American composers to US audiences and encouraging musical exchange between these regions. Fonema Consort was founded in 2011 by singer Nina Dante and composers Pablo Santiago Chin and Edward Hamel. Since its founding, the ensemble has premiered over 50 works, and traveled widely across the US and increasingly in Latin America.